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Raising Your First Round of Venture Capital Investment

About the Webinar

Venture Capital can be one of the most powerful sources of growth for startups. It is no surprise today that many entrepreneurs spend months persuading and convincing Venture Capitalists to back their endeavors. But what’s harder still is finding a venture capitalist who is as much a partner as an investor. So what must entrepreneurs look for in Venture Capitalists? And what do Venture Capitalists look for in startups? This webinar addresses these questions and more.

Know your expert:
Rahul Raghavan

Rahul has Invested in and managed early-stage companies as part of the Ventureast Proactive Fund team.He was in the board observer at Goli Vadapav, Orion Edutech, Seclore Technology, Richcore Lifesciences

He has also managed the BYST Growth Fund, a pioneering micro-VC fund that invests equity in “”every-day””, non IP-holding micro and small enterprises.