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Agile Critical Thinking to Make Better, Faster Decisions

About the Webinar

As an entrepreneur, your success hinges on the decisions you make — but who has time to think?
How do you know that you’re making the right decisions for your company? What do you do when you don’t have all the information you’d like? Or the situation is filled with uncertainty? How can you trust decisions other people on your team make?

This webinar will give you a framework and some practical tips and techniques you can use to help you make better, faster decisions.

Know your expert:

Charles B. Kreitzberg, Senior UX Advisor at Princeton University
Anne Pauker Kreitzber co-founder, Center for Agile Thinking and Cognetics Interactive

Charles B. Kreitzberg, PhD is a senior consultant, manager & award-winning designer of user-experience with world-class skills in: strategic UX, product conceptualization, team management, integrating UX with agile, UI design, usability research, wireframes, and user-centered design.

Anne has been a trusted advisor to executives for over 30 years on how to build internal capacity, adapt to the needs of the changing business environment and create ‘best practices’ for emerging workplace issues. Words people use to describe her are ‘insightful,’ ‘pragmatic’ and ‘enthusiastic.’