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5 shocking mistakes of the worst networkers

About the Webinar

Networking is the essential trait for getting your product visibility, as well as for it to reach a wider audience. However, not all kinds of networking can lead to effective relationships. In fact, first-time entrepreneurs are also seen struggling all along with some of the wrongs ways of networking. In this webinar, Neeraj Shah warns of five shocking mistakes that can get one labelled as a “worst networker”.

Know your speaker:
Neeraj Shah, Founder -Titan Masterminds

Neeraj helps motivated, but overwhelmed entrepreneurs get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at business and succeed at life.

Neeraj is also the former Co-National Director of BNI India, is passionate about entrepreneurship and helps business owners and professionals to boost their productivity. Considered to be India’s #1Business Mentor, he’s also a regular blogger and contributing author to the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Masters of Success.