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Nobody knows your business better than you

Though mentorship helps in crystalizing your thought

Bala Tripura Sundari
Founder, Involute Automation
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    Involute Automation

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    Education/ Manufacturing Industry

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    Bala Tripura Sundari


While meeting with clients of her husband’s machinery manufacturing unit, Bala Tripura Sundari realized the requirement for training in the technical sector which was at a very nascent stage.

She started Involute Automation institutions in 2011 to mobilize and train students with diploma/ITI /engineering backgrounds. The students are trained to meet client requirements in machining, assembly and maintenance primarily targeting the automotive industry.


“I didn’t know the right way to go about my business, in terms of fine-tuning certain decisions and which market to tap into and the like. Sometimes I lacked direction, though on the whole I felt I knew exactly what I was doing,” Bala said. While Bala was satisfied with her business, she wasn’t in sync with market trends.


“My mentor has been my sounding box, and tells me the right way to go about the business,” she said. She felt a mentoring experience helps one focus and analyze important aspects of the business. ”Nobody knows your business better than you, but a mentor will create a kind of thinking and awakening in you wherein you analyze your market, options and assess capital, getting a better understanding about the business,” she affirmed. According to her, mentors tell you straight off in which ways one could be successful or not. It helps in understanding yourself and crystallizing your thoughts getting rid of misconceptions about yourself or the market. “My business plan targeted the automotive industry and I was looking at markets in Karnataka, Chennai and Maharashtra, though I was based out of Hyderabad.” She started facing an issue with sourcing people and sending them to the other states as many were reluctant to migrate. Her mentor from NEN pointed out that she had already invested in infrastructure and to move now would create a huge dent in her revenue. She advised Bala to tap into the local market. “This changed my business and I starting making revenue right away instead of a year from starting off.”



  • Customer have grown by 10x
  • Three institutes established
  • Profits include 30% of sale