Entrepreneurs face enormous challenges in running and growing a startup – be it raising capital, hiring a team, or acquiring customers. An effective way to overcome these challenges lies in finding motivated and compatible mentors who can provide you the critical skills, knowledge and motivation that you need.

We support high-potential entrepreneurs to accelerate their goals for the venture through this high value program. Whether you are looking for a structured, goal-driven mentoring engagement or just an introduction to an expert in your sector, we can help connect you to the most appropriate mentors.

MPower Workshops

NEN’s MPower program connects mentors including established professionals, investors and entrepreneurs to aspiring, early and growing entrepreneurs through a variety of in-person and online mentoring services, both in one-on-one and one-to-many group formats.

NEN Mentor Cloud

NEN’s Mentor Cloud is a global mentoring platform with more than 200 mentors from India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. All our mentors are business leaders who are invited to join the network after meeting our mentor criteria and a rigorous audit.

Mentoring Clinic

The NEN Mentoring Clinic is a video-enabled online event that allows entrepreneurs to discuss their challenges, goals, and interests in depth with a panel of industry experts.


Entrepreneurs, grab the opportunity to connect with mentors and accelerate your goals. Mentors, Your leadership experience can bring long lasting impact and create next big thing. Mentor our high-growth entrepreneurs to build world-class enterprises.

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