One of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur faces is getting access to funds needed for various aspects of the venture – starting up, expansion, meeting operational cost and more.

While the capital may be available in the market, it is important for an entrepreneur to understand the dynamics of funding in terms of stage of the venture, amount of capital raise, validated investment pitch deck, terms of funding, level of dilution, who is the right agency to approach to and more.

Startup funding happens at multiple levels. Following is a simplistic representation to get you started.

Startup Stage
Ideation stage
Proof of Concept (POC) stage

Proof of Concept / Early Growth

Early Growth / Growth

Growth / Mature
Funding nomenclature
Seed Funding

Angel Funding

Pre-Series A, Series A

Series A, B, C Private Equity (PE)
Funding agencies
Self, Friends and Family (Bootstrapped),
Govt. Grants/Schemes, Seed Funds

Early stage Funds, Angel networks like Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, Individual angels etc.

Venture Capital (VC) Funds

VCs, PEs, Debt Financing

NEN offers assistance (free of cost) to startups in their fund raising efforts in the following areas.

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If you are in the Early Growth/ Growth stage (your product/service is in the market, your startup has some paying customers and you have a team in place) and you are looking to raise funds for your startup, then you could apply here and our team will get in touch with you to take the process forward.

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