One of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur faces is getting access to funds needed for various aspects of the venture – starting up, expansion, meeting operational cost and more.

While the money is always out there, you have to learn the trick of where and how to find it! ‘Funding’ program will help you to learn basics of investments, connect with investors, bankers, prepare and pitch to investors to raise funds.

Learning modules of this program cover topics such as various forms of raising funds, assess readiness to raise funds, choose the right kind of funding and prepare for raising funds


Pitching your enterprise is an art as much as it is science and business. PitchLabs is an initiative where we bring entrepreneurs to practice this art with Investors. Typically several investors analyze your pitch and help you fine tune the pitch. These sessions provide you practical tips on how to effectively pitch by addressing the needs of investor. Look for these events in our calendar to register.

Loan Connect

This program is designed for entrepreneurs who are looking to raise capital through debt options. It is possible to procure loans without collateral through government schemes or new age NBFC entities. Program is designed to connect you with various banks, NBFCs and advisory firms to help you find the right source of funds based on your credit history. Look for specific programs in our event section to register


There are several ways to generate the funds that you need. Right mentors can help you find that from various sources including your customers. Approach mentors who can guide you for this goal.

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