Winning Product Marketing Strategy

About This Course
A well laid-out marketing strategy is crucial for connecting with your customers, which in turn ensures growth. However, developing a marketing strategy for new product can be a stressful and often confusing exercise for start-ups.

There are simply too many factors that one needs to keep mind while designing a strategy. However, things become much easier if you tackle this problem using a framework. Frameworks help you to organize various elements so that you can tackle handle them in a logical order.

This course familiarizes you with some of the most important marketing strategy frameworks like, Blue Ocean Strategy, The 4 Actions Framework, Multi-sided Platform Framework and Multi Product Platform Framework. These frameworks will help you to understand your environment better and design a marketing strategy that is optimal for your product.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be:

Acquainted with major marketing strategy frameworks like Blue Ocean Strategy, The 4 Actions Framework, Multi-sided Platform and Multi Product Platform Framework
Understand how various brands have applied these frameworks to market their products
Apply these frameworks to create a marketing strategy for your product

Lesson 1: What Customers Want
Lesson 2: Blue Ocean Strategy
Lesson 3: 4 Actions Framework
Lesson 4: Multi Sided Platform Framework
Lesson 5: Multi Product Platform Framework
Lesson 6: Summing it Up

Rajeev Roy

Rajeev Roy teaches entrepreneurship. He had over nine years of industry and entrepreneurial experience. His entrepreneurial ventures included food processing, dairy, aquaculture, microfinance and business process outsourcing.

He conducts training programmes on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is also a visiting faculty at Sellinger Business School at Baltimore, USA. He is the recipient of the Romesh Wadhwani Fellowship for teaching entrepreneurship.

His current research interests are centred on entrepreneurship and small business. He has published several research papers and case studies pertaining to these topics. He has also written a book titled Entrepreneurship which was published by Oxford University PressMod.

  • Dhana

    Hi Rajeev…cheers for the information, was enlightening.

    i would like to get an advice from you on a Marketing strategy for a small dairy business. Like you have mentioned there are few different Dairy products that we have planned to launch. The platform will be just 2 ways. But the area that we have targeted is just for a District wide launch. in this small scale launch please suggest how to approach on the Marketing Strategy.