It’s a feast or famine situation in the Indian startup scene

One set of businesses are able to raise gazillion dollars every few months while others are finding it as hard as earlier to raise their next round of financing

I recall watching The Truth About Cats and Dogs in the late 90s. The plot revolved around a plain-looking radio show host, Abby (played by Janeane Garofalo), and her attractive friend Noelle (Uma Thurman). The self-doubt about her appearance makes Abby send Noelle, pretending to be Abby, on a blind date with a caller to Abby’s show.
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The Rise of the New Angel Investor

Who is the new angel investor and how does he decide which startup to invest in.

Late 2012 was a time when entrepreneurship was continuing to see a surge in India – a lot more entrepreneurs were emerging who were willing to take the less privileged, high-risk path to build products and startups from India. However fund raising continued to be a challenge. I personally know of friends who had spent seven months raising their angel round, had met with 61 investors face-to-face before they closed their funding round at a valuation that was less desirable.
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