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Wadhwani Foundation established the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) in 2003. NEN has built a strong network with 600 colleges, 4000 mentors and 3200 faculty in India that continue to inspire, educate and support emerging entrepreneurs. Thousands of practicing entrepreneurs and startups are supported through NEN’s programs that facilitates learning through hundreds of short videos from experienced entrepreneurs, angels, VCs along with dozens of longer video courses and blog posts. Since inception, NEN has resulted in 2,000 new startups with 12,000+ direct and 50,000+ indirect jobs and is now tracking 1,000+ new companies each year.

Entrepreneurs are supported by series of tailor-made targeted programs delivered by nation-wide network of institutional partners, experts, mentors and entrepreneurship resources. NEN’s key programs include

Access to Mentors: NEN facilitates goal based mentoring for entrepreneurs

Access to Funds: NEN facilitates various programs to raise capital from investors and bankers

Tools for Growth: The program addresses the growth hurdles of startup and SMEs. It is designed to equip entrepreneurs with practical education on topics such as getting to new markets, identifying the uncontested markets; tools and frameworks around Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) and Lean Startup models.

Student Entrepreneurship Development: The National Entrepreneurship Network provides resources to academic institutions to build and manage Entrepreneurship Education infrastructure and programs for students . NEN works with more than 500 member institutes, helping them build and deliver high-impact entrepreneurship programs

Access to learning resources: Expert led videos, courses and workshops on various aspects of entrepreneurship.

NEN Programs

For Capacity Building

  • Content and Curricula
  • Faculty and Mentor Development
  • Consultancy for Advanced
  • Infrastructure
  • Experts Bureau and Networking
  • National Platforms

For Entrepreneurs

  • Knowledge and Skills-Building
  • Mentoring
  • Experts Bureau and Networking
  • National Platforms
  • Online Entrepreneur Academy

NEN’s Approach

NEN aims to create impact at scale in a sustainable manner. Its model for entrepreneurship development rests primarily on a partnership approach, through which it

  • Builds institutional capacity for creating entrepreneurs: developing and inspiring a pool of aspiring entrepreneurs at more than 450 academic institutes; enabling access to leadership and skills-building programs; providing access to expert, mentor and capital networks
  • Strengthens the entrepreneurial eco-system to support existing start-ups: increasing entrepreneurs’ access to strategic mentoring; skills-building programs; expert advice and networks for capital and talent

NEN achieves this primarily by:

  • Building content, curriculum and pedagogy for entrepreneur education and support
  • Developing and training a premium network of educators and mentors
  • Expanding entrepreneurs’ access to capital, technology and expert networks